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Summary: Transparent by Jill Soloway | Hellion by Kat Candler | Pilules Bleues (Blue Pills) written by Charlotte Sanson | Selfie by Emily Kapnek

Transparent by Jill Soloway

An LA family with serious boundary issues have their past and future unravel when a dramatic admission causes everyone’s secrets to spill out.

After the acclaimed release of the pilot on Amazon in February 2014, the first season of Jill Soloway’s series Transparent can now be streamed (and binge-watched) on

2014, TV Series, Drama, USA, 10 episodes
Streaming on Amazon Prime on September 26, 2014

Created by Jill Soloway
Directed by Jill Soloway (2 episodes)
Written by Jill Soloway, Micah Fitzerman-Blue & Noah Harpster
Starring Jeffrey Tambor, Gaby Hoffmann, Amy Landecker, Jay Duplass
Produced by Jennifer Corey & Jill Soloway
Cinematography by Jim Frohna
Film Editing by Catherine Haight
Music by Dustin O’Halloran, Vince Jones

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Hellion by Kat Candler

When motocross and heavy metal obsessed thirteen-year-old Jacob’s increasing delinquent behavior forces CPS to place his little brother, Wes, with his aunt, Jacob and his emotionally absent father, Hollis, must finally take responsibility for their actions and for each other in order to bring Wes home.

2014, Drama, Thriller, 94 min
Released on DVD on September 30, 2014

Directed by Kat Candler
Written by Kat Candler
Starring Aaron Paul, Juliette Lewis, Josh Wiggins, Deke Garner
Produced by Jonathan Duffy & Kelly Williams
Cinematography by Brett Pawlak
Film Editing by Alan Canant
Music by Curtis Heath

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Pilules Bleues (Blue Pills) written by Charlotte Sanson

One summer night at a house party, Fred met Cati. Though they barely spoke, he vividly remembered her gracefulness and abandon. They meet again years later, and this time their connection is instantaneous. But when things become serious, a nervous Cati tells him that she and her three-year-old son are both HIV positive.

A graduate of the Fémis Film School and recipient of the TV Writer Lagardère Grant, Charlotte Sanson wrote the adaptation of the graphic novel Pilules Bleues (Blue Pills), which aired Sept. 26, 2014 on the franco-german channel Arte.
The TV movie is her second collaboration with director Jean-Philippe Amar, as they are currently developing a feature film adaptation of Monica Sabolo’s novel Jungle for Asterina Films.

Charlotte Sanson is represented in France by Aura & Film Talents.

2014, TV Movie, Drama, France 124 min
Aired on Arte in France & Germany on September 26, 2014,
Available on VOD in France & Germany since September 26

Directed by Jean-Philippe Amar
Written by Charlotte Sanson & Jean-Philippe Amar
Starring Guillaume Gouix, Florence Loiret Caille, Benjamin Bellecour, Timothé Vom Dorp
Produced by Catou Lairet & Gilles Galud for La Parisienne d’Image
Cinematography by Emmanuel de Fleury
Film Editing by Raphaël Péaud
Music by Stéphane Dri, Laurent Garnier, Benjamin Rippert

Buy Pilules Blues on VOD on ARTE Boutique
Learn more about the movie on on Arte.TV
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La Mafia Princesse

Collective/Workshop of 5 french women screenwriters: Alice Vial, Anaïs Carpita, Charlotte Sanson, Déborah Hassoun, Dorothée Lachaud
Website: Website: Find Anaïs Carpita on the Hollywomen Screenwriters Board Website: Find Deborah Hassoun on the Hollywomen Screenwriters Board Website: Find Alice Vial on the Hollywomen Screenwriters Board Website: Find Dorothée Lachaud on the Hollywomen Screenwriters Board Website: Find Charlotte Sanson on the Hollywomen Screenwriters Board
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Selfie by Emily Kapnek

After being the subject of an embarrassing viral video, a self-involved 20-something enlists the help of a marketing expert to revamp her image in the real world.

Creator of Suburgatory and As Told by Ginger, screenwriter Emily Kapnek is back with a comedy inspired by My Fair Lady, Selfie. Starring Karen Gillan & John Cho, the series follows a self-obsessed twenty-something who becomes the subject of a viral video, getting far more social media followers than she ever imagined… for the wrong reasons. Set to repair her public image, she enlists the help of a marketing expert.
Produced through Emily Kapnek’s company Piece Of Pie Prods, the pilot is helmed by Suburgatory & One For The Money director Julie Anne Robinson.

2014, TV Series, Drama, USA
Pilot broadcasted on ABC on September 30, 2014

Created by Emily Kapnek
Pilot directed by Julie Anne Robinson
Written by Emily Kapnek
Starring Karen Gillan, John Cho, David Harewood, Natasha Henstridge
Produced by Trey Coscia, Emily Kapnek Julie Anne Robinson
Cinematography by Ross Riege
Music by Jared Faber

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