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Discover our selection of 16 upcoming feature films showing at the AFI Fest in Los Angeles on November 8-13.

Selma by Ava Duvernay
Nov. 11, 6.00pm – First Look at the Egyptian Theatre

Selma is the story of a movement. The film chronicles the tumultuous three-month period in 1965, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a dangerous campaign to secure equal voting rights in the face of violent opposition.

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Eden by Mia Hansen-Love
Nov. 9, 9.30pm – Chinese Theater 3

The life of a French DJ who’s credited with inventing “French house” or the “French touch,” a type of French electronic music that became popular in the 1990s.

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Breathe (Respire) by Mélanie Laurent
Nov. 12, 10.00pm – Chinese 5

Charlie is 17 years old. She is at that age where life is all about hanging out with friends, and her emotions, convictions, passions. Sarah is the new girl in town. Beautiful, bold, with a history and a strong personality. Sarah chooses Charlie.

Self Made (Boreg) by Shira Geffen
Nov. 9, 4.15pm – Chinese 5

Self Made tells the story of two women – one Israeli, the other Palestinian- who are trapped within their respective worlds. After a mix-up at a checkpoint, they find themselves living the life of the other on the opposite side of the border.

Gett, The Trial of Viviane Amsalem
by Ronit Elkabetz & Shlomi Elkabetz
Nov. 12, 7.45pm – Chinese 4

Viviane Amsalem has been applying for divorce for three years. But her husband Elisha will not agree. His cold intransigence, Viviane’s determination to fight for her freedom, and the ambiguous role of the judges shape a procedure in which tragedy vies with absurdity, and everything is brought out for judgment, apart from the initial request.

The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga
by Jessica Oreck
Nov. 11, 12.45pm – Chinese 2

A descent into Eastern Europe’s haunted woodlands uncovers the secrets, fairy tales, and bloody histories that shape our understanding of man’s place in nature.

Thou Wast Mild & Lovely
by Josephine Decker
Nov. 9, 1.00pm – Chinese 2

There are places you go, where the things you do will matter to a lot of people. Then there are places you will go, where the things you will do matter only to a very few. But to those few, they will matter – a lot.

Goodnight Mommy
by Veronika Franz & Severin Fiala
Nov. 9, 9.00pm – Chinese 5
Nov. 12, 9.30pm – Chinese 6

Girlhood (Bande de Filles)
by Celine Sciamma
Nov. 10, 7.15pm – Chinese 1

Oppressed by her family setting, dead-end school prospects and the boys law in the neighborhood, Marieme starts a new life after meeting a group of 3 free-spirited girls. She changes her name, her dress code, and quits school to be accepted in the gang, hoping that this will be a way to freedom.

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The Haircut
by Alexis O. Korycinski
Plays before Villa Touma
Nov. 11, 6.30pm – Chinese 4
Nov. 12, 3.30pm – Chinese 1

1976. After a 174-year ban, women are allowed to train in military academies. 18-year old Amy is one of the first female West Point cadets. Battling vicious sexism and swallowing self-doubt, she will have to fight to prove she has what it takes.

Learn more about The Haircut and its creative team on Crowdfunding Success – The Haircut & Across The Tracks

The Wonders (Le Meraviglie)
by Alice Rohrwacher
Nov. 10, 9.45pm – Chinese 2
Nov. 11, 3.30pm – Chinese 2

Nothing will be the same at the end of this summer for Gelsomina and her three younger sisters.

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The Blue Wave (Mavi Dalga)
by Zeynep Dadak, Merve Kayan
Nov. 10, 1.15pm – Chinese 4
Nov. 12, 9.30pm – Chinese 3

While adults are busy with their professional lives, Deniz and her friends are still confused about their university plans. Through the worries of their daily routines, they make plans for the future, yet the challenges of adolescence are burdensome.

Viktoria by Maya Vitkova
Nov. 10, 6.00pm – Chinese 6
Nov. 11, 12.30pm – Chinese 3

Unwanted by her mother, Viktoria is born with no umbilical cord and doesn’t need Boryana until the hardships of life bind them together for good.

Tu Dors Nicole
by Stephanie Lafleur
Nov. 11, 10.00pm – Chinese 3
Nov. 12, 3.45pm – Chinese 5

Making the most of the family home while her parents are away, Nicole, 22 years old, is enjoying a peaceful summer with her best friend Véronique. When Nicole’s older brother shows up with his band to record an album, the girls’ friendship is put to the test.

Villa Touma by Suha Arraf
Nov. 11, 6.30pm – Chinese 4
Nov. 12, 3.30pm – Chinese 1

Three unmarried aristocratic Christian sisters from Ramallah have shut themselves in their villa clinging desperately to their former glory, until their orphan niece, Badia, walks into their life and turns their world upside down.

The Midnight Swim
by Sarah Adina Smith
Played Nov. 7-8

When their mother goes missing in Spirit Lake, three half-sisters travel home to settle her affairs. The youngest sister, June, a documentary filmmaker, captures their bittersweet homecoming. But when the sisters jokingly summon a local ghost, their relationship begins to unravel and they find themselves drawn deeper and deeper into the true mystery of the lake.

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