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By November 3, 2014News, Short Films, Videos

Irene Lee, a 7 year old girl detective, sets out to solve the Case of the Missing Mysteries one boring Saturday afternoon.

Inspired by her love of mystery novels and tired of seeing Asian characters only as supporting characters on screen, rising filmmaker Yulin Kuang shot the whimsical comedy Irene Lee, Girl Detective in 2013, financed through a Kickstarter campaign and wages made from her work in the NBC Page Program.
Released on Youtube during the summer of 2014 as previous works weren’t reaching their target audiences in film festivals, the movie has been followed up by several short films, including the wizard rock musical I Ship It, which sits at 70 000+ views two weeks after its online premiere.

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2014, Short Film, Adventure, Comedy, USA, 6 min
Directed by Yulin Kuang
Written by Yulin Kuang
Starring Grace Lee, Sean Persaud, Will Spencer
Produced by Yulin Kuang, Ryan Ovadia, Kimberly Hwang
Cinematography by Garrett Shannon
Edited by Zack Wallnau
Music by Brian Grider
Production Design by Jennifer Hwang

Yulin Kuang

Director (Best Narrative Short At the 2013 San Diego Asian Film Festival)
Website: Hollywomen Pinterest Board: Find Yulin Kuang on the Hollywomen Directors Board Articles on Hollywomen: Find our articles about Yulin Kuang
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