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They met their funding goals but still need your attention: discover the projects of filmmakers Emily Blake & Patrick Meaney, Erin Bawgell and Meena Ramamurthy.

Summary: Tenspotting by Emily Blake & Patrick Meaney | Cinema School Calendar Girls 2014 by Meena Ramamurthy | Dream, Girl – The Documentary by Erin Bagwell

Tenspotting – Short Film
written by Emily Blake & directed by Patrick Meaney


Have you ever gone to a convention and made a real connection with someone? Did you lose touch with them, only to realize that they could have been your soul mate?
Were they dressed as the Tenth Doctor?

Starring Chloe Dykstra (Heroes of Cosplay) & Kit Williamson (Mad Men), Tenspotting is a romantic comedy and a love letter to fandom and geek culture.
The short film is written by action screenwriter Emily Blake and playwright/novelist Michael Patrick Sullivan while director Patrick Meaney produces alongside Marisa Stotter and Jordan Rennet though his company Respect Films.
Jordan & Patrick directed and produced several documentaries on comics writers in the last few years, including Marisa Stotter’s upcoming She Makes Comics on women in the comic book industry.

Director: Patrick Meaney
Writers: Emily Blake, Michael Patrick Sullivan
Producers: Marisa Stotter, Patrick Meaney, Jordan Rennert
Campaign goal & duration: $8,500 – September 04, 2014.
Social Media: @tenspotting &

Find Emily Blake’s podcast Chicks Who Script and the episode with producer Marisa Stotter on Scripts & Heroines – News Round-up #1.

Cinema School Calendar Girls 2014
by Meena Ramamurthy

Last year, University of Southern California and the School of Cinematic Arts student Meena Ramamurthy was the recipient of a scholarship.
Now she wants to pay it forward.

To do so, she photographed twelve hard-working, talented women studying or working behind the scenes at USC and featured them on a calendar.
She’s now selling the calendar through Indiegogo at $10: past the production costs, all funds will go to a general scholarship fund for women and a USC department needing some financial support.

The initial goal was reached just 9 hours after the launch, leaving the campaign a month to raise more than $1,500 and securing a a women’s scholarship at USC.

The calendar features various former or current USC students and teachers, from Aug 2014 to July 2015: Meena Ramamurthy (Director), Ketsia Vedrine (Producer), Chelsea Pettit (Editor), Jeanne Jo (Director), Thembi Banks (Writer), Paisley Smith (Director), Melanie D’Andrea (Director), Jamari Perry (Producer), Lindsay Armstrong (Editor), Reese Robinson (Sound Designer), Tierney Young (Producer), and Micaela Colman (Director).

Find the University of Southern California’s Women of Cinematic Arts organization on the Diversity Directory.

Dream, Girl – The Documentary
directed by Erin Bagwell


We know the names of male CEOs and entrepreneurs- Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg. But what about female bosses? What is their story? What do their lives look like?

Dream, Girl is a documentary film redefining what it means to be a boss by telling the stories of female entrepreneurs.
Directed and produced by Erin Bawgell, the movie showcases the stories of companies run by women as well as the journeys, struggles and successes of their founders.

Dream, Girl – The Documentary
Director: Erin Bawgell
Producer: Erin Bawgell
Director of Photography: Mary Perrino
Campaign goal & duration: $57,000 – September 05, 2014.
Social Media: @dreamgirlfilm &

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