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Support the movies of Sandra Oh, Ann Marie Fleming, Joshua Caldwell, Anna Elizabeth James, Amanda Tasse, Emma Rozanski, Cate Carson, Zoe McCarthy and Caitlin Graham.

Summary: Assassin by Joshua Caldwell | Window Horses by Ann Marie Fleming | Zone 2 by Anna Elizabeth James | Mira by Amanda Tasse| Papagajka by Emma Rozanski | Sunset Rose by Zoe McCarthy | Cleave by Cate Carson | No Method by Caitlin Graham

Assassin by Joshua Caldwell

Jane is an assassin. While hiding out in the San Bernardino Mountains, she meets and falls in love with a local woman named Ella. As the two grow closer, the baggage of their past lives threatens the future of their relationship.

Feature Film
Director: Joshua Caldwell
Writer: Travis Oberlander
Producers: Travis Oberlander, Joshua Caldwell & Rob McGillivray
Starring Marem Hassler & Karl E. Landler
Music by Bill Brown (CSI:NY)
Campaign goal & duration: $26,450November 21

Window Horses by Ann Marie Fleming

Rosie Ming is invited to a poetry festival in Iran and learns the truth about her father.

Window Horses
Animated Feature Film
Director: Ann Marie Fleming
Writer: Ann Marie Fleming
Producers: Ann Marie Fleming, Sandra Oh
Starring Sandra Oh, Nancy Kwan, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Camyar Chaichain, Omid Abtahi, Navid Neghaban
Animated by Kevin Langdale, Ge Younger Yang, Mashallah Mohammedy, Shira Avni, Louise Johnson, Lillian Chan, Jody Kramer, Bahram Javahari
Editor: Ileana Pietrobruno
Sound Design: Gordon Durity
Campaign goal & duration: $41.416 CADDecember 06

Zone 2 by Anna Elizabeth James

David, a blind teenager who uses a wheelchair, has never known life outside of an underground bunker. As he attempts to assert his independence, his mother tries to keep him safe from the horrors of the world above. It’s a story about the lengths some are willing to go to protect their loved ones.

Successfully funded and shooting in December & January, Zone 2 is looking for a physically disabled +18 male actor to play a teen protagonist.
Please contact the production team through their website:

Zone 2
Horror Short Film
Director: Anna Elizabeth James
Writer: Lydia Mulvey
Producers: Miranda Sadjak, Sandra Leviton
Campaign goal & duration: $8,500December 04

Mira by Amanda Tasse

An aspiring marine biologist risks everything to conceal a medical condition that could destroy her ability to follow her dreams.

Short Film
Director:Amanda Tasse
Writer: Amanda Tasse
Cinematographer: Xing-Mai Deng
Producers: Anne Lann
Edited by David Aristizabal
VFX Adviser: Bill Taylor ASC
VFX Artist: Burak Kurt
Campaign goal & duration: $12,000November 21

Papagajka by Emma Rozanski

A feature-length psychological thriller set in Sarajevo.

Feature Film
Director: Emma Rozanski
Writer: Emma Rozanski
Cinematographer: Annika Summerson
Starring Susanna Cappellaro & Adnan Omerovic
Music & sound design by Guy Fixsen
Production Designer: Aleksandra Niemczyk
Campaign goal & duration: £7,400November 19

Sunset Rose – a 16mm film noir
by Zoe McCarthy

1949. Two strangers, a beat up diner and an unsolved case. A celebration of film noir and the discipline of shooting on film.

Short Film
Director: Zoe McCarthy
Writer: Jack Westerman
Cinematographer: Suzanne Smith
Producer: Victoria Ijeh
Assistant Director: Dominic Ellis
Campaign goal & duration: £7,585November 17

Cleave by Cate Carson

A blue-collar couple living what looks like the “American dream” experience effects of remaining loyal to a failing and toxic marriage. They both fantasize of a different life but what they want and what they do never seem to connect.

Writers: Cate Carson & Richard C. Bailey
Directors: Cate Carson, Justin Plasse, Richard C. Bailey
Starring: Kim Wilson, Steven O’Broin, Quinlan Keefe, Amaryllis Miller
Cinematographer: Zack Richard
Producer: Justin Plasse
Art Director: Mary Hronicek
Set Dresser: Colby Fisher
Campaign goal & duration: $10,000November 17

No Method by Caitlin Graham

No Method is a female-driven dark comedy web series that’s been called “Louie from a female perspective.” The show follows the unraveling of Caitlin, a cynical Brooklyn actor, as she skids toward rock bottom.

No Method
Web Series
Writer: Caitlin Graham
Director: Sam Zuniss
Cinematographer: Samantha Pyra
Producers: Sam Zuniss
Edited by Sophia Betz
Starring Caitlin Graham, Isabelle Pierre, Jackie Rivera, Mike Indeglio, Hannah Abney, Julia Kwamya
Campaign goal & duration: $14,440November 25


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