Crowdfunding Success – The Haircut & Across The Tracks

By October 12, 2014Crowdfunding, News

They met their funding goals but still need your attention: discover the successful projects of filmmakers Alexis O. Korycinski, Michael Cooke & Stewart Thorndike.

Summary: The Haircut – Short Film by Alexis O. Korycinski | Across The Tracks by Michael Cooke | Putney by Stewart Thorndike

The Haircut – Short Film
directed by Alexis O. Korycinski

1976. After a 174-year ban, women are allowed to train in military academies. 18-year old Amy is one of the first female West Point cadets. Battling vicious sexism and swallowing self-doubt, she will have to fight to prove she has what it takes.

Starring Bailey Noble (Adilyn in True Blood) and Molly Quinn (Alexis in Castle), the short film The Haircut has completed principal photography and is seeking funds on Indiegogo to ensure a smooth post-production.
The project is helmed by director and Alexis O. Korycinski and is one of the eight films selected in the 40th AFI Directing Workshop For Women.

The Haircut
Director: Alexis O. Korycinski
Writer: Julia Cox
Producer: Saray Deiseil
Campaign goal & duration: 10,000$ – September 08, 2014.
Twitter: @aokorycinski & @TheHaircutFilm

Discover the Filmmakers of the 2013 AFI Directing Workshop For Women and follow the AFI DWW on the Diversity Directory.

Across The Tracks
directed by Michael Cooke


In 1960s Georgia, two sisters Ella and Tara grew up surrounded by prejudice due to their “blackness”. But Ella was born with fair skin. When schools integrate in their small town, she sees a chance to change her destiny. Ella decides to become white.

Director of Photography & Operator Michael Cooke is gearing up to direct his first short film, Across The Tracks. Co-written and produced by Kimberly Y James, the movie stars Thursday Farrar (FlashDance, The Musical) and Carla McCullough (House of Payne) as sisters whose childhood choices tore their family apart.

Accross The Tracks
Director: Michael Cooke
Producers: Kimberly Y James, Michael Cooke & Isabella Way
Writer: Michael Cooke & Kimberly Y James
Campaign goal & duration: $20,001 – September 10, 2014.
Social Media: @attfilm &

Stewart Thorndike


PUTNEY is a horror film about four women who go to an abandoned hotel and get bad advice from a haunted TED Talk.

After her first feature Lyle where Gaby Hoffman was trying to protect her baby from dark forces, Stewart Thorndike is about to shoot its follow-up, Putney. Starring female characters, the film is the second installment in a trilogy of horror & psychological thrillers.

Director: Stewart Thorndike
Writer: Stewart Thorndike
Producer: Alex Scharfman

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