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Summary: Truly Outrageous! by Charley Feldman | The Camel’s Back by Michelle Mboya | Artemis Women In Action Film Festival 2 by Melanie Wise | No Trace by Miranda Sajdak

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Truly Outrageous! A Jem and the Holograms Fan Film
by Charley Feldman

Based off the 80s cartoon, “Truly Outrageous” is a musical, science fiction adventure about Jem and the Holograms!

Many things can be said about the recent Jem & The Holograms feature film, but “good”, “catchy”, “not a gigantic flop” or “engaging for any intended demographic” are not on the menu.

After the release of the lackluster trailer of Jon Chu’s film in late spring 2015, the production company Creature shot a sketch parodying the reaction of Jem & the cartoon’s original heroines, starring actress & cosplayer Chloe Dykstra as the titular character.
The reception to the video was exceedingly positive, leading director Charley Feldman and her team to consider a short film adaptation.
As the all-female company Creature is experienced in making video content for various platforms, they could have done a regular sketch; but felt like they needed to do justice to the iconic cartoon, already hurt by an uneven adaptation.

Designed as a 30 minutes long not-for-profit fan film set in the 80’s, featuring original songs and high production values, Truly Outrageous intend to be best possible live action rendition of the gleaming musical sci-fi series created by Christy Marx.

Truly Outrageous! A Jem and the Holograms Fan Film
Short Film
Charley Feldman – Writer, Director, Producer
Clare Lourdes – Producer
Alyssa Onofreo – Producer
Jade Thompson – Wardrobe, Art Department
Chrissy Lynn Kyle – Hair, Make-up artist
Produced by Creature
Music by Glowbug/Daniel Anderson
Based on the original series created by Christy Marx
Starring Chloe Dykstra (Jem), Whitney Moore (Kimber), Yazmin Monet Watkins (Shana), April Eff (Stormer), Gabe Hohreiter (Eric Raymond), Chrissa Sparkles (Aja) & Nati Casanova (Danse Dvorak)
Campaign goal: $12,000February 20

The Camel’s Back by Michelle Mboya

The Camel’s Back is a story about Susan, a 13 year old girl who feels shunned by her community. A traumatizing experience has her struggling with mental illness.

A Film & Economics student and Senior at Yale, Michelle Mboya decided to tackle representation issues and mental health in her first short film The Camel’s Back.
Born in Kenya, she will collaborate with two filmmakers active in the kenyan film scene, as producer Wangechi Ngugi and cinematographer Dan Muchina previously worked together on films by afrofuturist director Jim Chuchu.
The granddaughter of Kenya founder Tom Mboya, Michelle launched several initiatives in her home country and in America, including G.I.R.L (Girls Initiative to Redefine Leadership), an organization set to empower young underprivileged Kenyan girls through mentorship.

The Camel’s Back
Short Film
Michelle Mboya – Writer-Director
Wangechi Ngugi – Producer
Dan Muchina – Director of Photography
Campaign goal & duration: $6,000March 8

Artemis Women In Action Film Festival 2
by Melanie Wise

A celebration of action films and the women who kick ass in them! A celebration of empowered women.

The Amazons are back for Round Two! Melanie Wise and her team are raising funds for the second installment of the Artemis Women In Action Film Festival, which will take place at the Laemmle Playhouse 7 Theatre, Los Angeles on April 22-24, 2016. Celebrating women in action films and strong female characters, the event will showcase feature films, shorts and documentaries and promote the work of stuntwomen.
The 2015 edition honored actresses Linda Hamilton, Kristanna Loken, Gina Torres and celebrated the work of stundwomen Angela Meryl (Kill Bill) & Maja Aro (Once Upon a Time); this year’s honorees will be Yancy “Witchblade” Butler, Jessie Graff (Leverage) and Dayna Grant, who started her career on Xena and recently worked as the stunt double of Charlize Theron on Mad Max: Fury Road.

Artemis Women In Action Film Festival 2
Film Festival
Founded by Melanie Wise, Zac Baldwin, Sean Newcombe
Board of Directors: John Halbert, Howard Brodwin, Heidi Mastrogiovanni, John Halbert, Michael R. Miller, Tema Staig
Creative, Production and Business Development: Donna J. Gagnon
Marketing and Media Development Manager: Megan Hubbell
Strategic Partner Manager: Marilyn Jenne
Financial Advisor: Malissa Wise
Campaign goal & duration: $25,217February 2 – March 2

No Trace by Miranda Sajdak


An undercover cop who robs a bank for the mob, only to find herself on the run from her own former partners.

It has been a good year for screenwriter Miranda Sajdak: while the short film Zone 2 by Anna Elizabeth James she co-produced premiered at Screamfest and was well-received in the festival circuit, she won the Next MacGyver Competition with her World War II pilot script Riveting, now developed at Scott Free Productions with producer Clayton Krueger.
After co-directing her first film Snapshot starring Anne Ramsay (A League Of Their Own) in 2010, she’s now back behind the camera with the action film No Trace, shooting this fall.

Starring James Kyson (alias Ando from Heroes) and Pia Shah (Grey’s Anatomy), produced by Dellany Peace and shot by Zone 2 cinematographer Derek Bauer, No Trace aims to be a gritty, killer action film with high production values.

No Trace
Short Film
Directed by Miranda Sajdak
Starring Pia Shah as Jess, James Kyson as Phil
Produced by Dellany Peace
Shot by Derek Bauer
Music Supervisor: Natalie Nicole Gilbert
Campaign goal: $19,800

Find Miranda Sajdak’s writing community The Story Broads on our index or organizations & initiatives The Diversity Directory
Discover the crowdfunding campaign of Zone 2 by Anna Elizabeth James on Kick It! Support Thrillers, Dramas & Animated Films
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